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YOGA HEALING MUSIC du 21 au 24 juillet 2022

This year, the first edition of the Spirit Pop Festival is an opportunity to meet in the heart of the wild nature of the Cévennes (France), between river and mountain forest, in the plural practices of yoga, meditation, chanting of mantras, sound, dance, and any discipline that wakes us up, sets us in motion towards peace, joy and love. Bhakti artists from all over the world; David Newman (USA), Philippo Franchini (Italy), Mahadev OK (France), Ben Beirs (Berlin), inspired teachers Pierro Casanova (Italy), Teresa Moore Murphy (Ireland), Verane Jyoti Pina (France), Anais Goldman ( France), Maya Lewandowski (Israel, Canada), Kitzia Aguilar Conde (Mexico), Nico Shanti (France) and many other wonderful healers, yogis and musicians are preparing us for the wonderful weekend. Each participant comes to share his skills, his experiences to create with you this global harmonic resonance so important to achieve unity in the infinite diversity of our world. You are warmly invited to join us in creating this energy of renewal, freedom, peace and love in the cosmic resonance of yoga in the heart of authentic, sunny nature that blesses us with its beauty and its virtues.

Liberate your soul! Free your soul!

Le lieu, le Mas du Ranc, est un Ashram ecolieu situé sur une colline en bord de la Cèze, au cœur des Cévennes, dans une foret de pins, de chênes, de châtaigniers, constitué d’un grand mas magnifiquement rénové, de plusieurs yourtes, caravanes et d’espaces de camping.

The place, the Mas du Ranc, is an ecolieu Ashram located on a hill on the edge of the Cèze, in the heart of the Cévennes, in a forest of pines, oaks, chestnut trees, consisting of a large magnificently renovated farmhouse, several yurts, caravans and camping spaces.


Welcome to this family yoga festival experience in the beautiful and hilly Cevennes with our Spirit Pop Community. This is time to deepen your yoga practice and discover great teachers, artists and great people dedicated to create a better world on our planet earth. It is a chance to decide whiat we do for our planet, for our lives and our world. Vegetarian food, nature and bath in the river. Lam Ashram – Le Mas du Ranc –  is welcoming you all year long to host your spiritual stays and retreats

Yukta Yajna Yoga by Mahadev OK

Book released on 22.04.2022

French –

Book devoted to the practice of yoga, the use of mantras and rituals and the understanding and resolution of the problems of our current society.

Ouvrage consacré à la pratique du yoga, à l’utilisation des mantras et des rituels et à la compréhension et la résolution des problèmes de notre société actuelle.

Pour commander un exemplaire, cliquer ici, entrez vos coordonnés, l’adresse de livraison et faites une donation de 25 euros (livre + frais de port)

To order a copy, click here, enter your details, the delivery address and make a donation of 25 euros (book + shipping costs)

Copie numerique disponible ici 

Digital copy available here

Body & Soul


Reiki is a method that rebalances the body’s energy centers, releases tension, physical and emotional blockages, releases toxins, reduces stress, improves sleep quality, relieves pain, facilitates the process recovery after an operation or emotional shock, revitalizes and relaxes deeply …

The effects are many and different for each person. Individual Sound Therapy Sessions: Sound treatments have the characteristic of using sound as a vector to restore balance on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Instruments such as crystal bowls, singing bowls and gongs resonate with the physical body and the subtle bodies and perform an energy re-harmonization that is both gentle and powerful. The therapeutic tuning forks have a more targeted action on an area of the body and will act like acupuncture needles thanks to the vibration.

silence and peace



Sound is an exceptional vector of relaxation and balance on the mental, physical and emotional levels. We use instruments such as Gongs, singing bowls, crystal bowls, voices that come in line with water molecules that are present in more than 70 percent of the body.

Each participant is invited to relax in the lying posture, then be guided in this soothing, rebalancing and unique experience. The session lasts one hour and ends with the beneficial chant of the mantras. Regeneration assured, well being and peace in the mind.

Anytime, anywhere

yoga classes

The practice of Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to establish a lasting balance in the body and mind. We offer Kundalini Yoga classes, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Gong Baths.

Yoga is essential because it allows to soften the physical body while having an action on the mind. To this we must add the practice of meditation, without which all spiritual progress evaporates. We are integral Yoga teacher, trained in India and Europe.

We enriche mastery of postures (asanas) and meditation (dyana) with breathing technics (pranayamas), chanting of mantras and sound relaxation. Integral Yoga encompasses those 4 ways to give your practice depth enough to improve your concentration, your well-being and maintain you in good physical and mental health

– Tous mercredis de 18:30 – 20:00 chez Booking