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Our dharma

Spirit Pop Community seeks to develop artistic and spiritual projects, yoga education in a peaceful attitude. Our dharma is to spread peace, knowledge and music around the world through Yoga Festivals, Concerts, daily classes and Spiritual Retreats! Yoga and music practice help us to learn and enjoy the art of living a harmonious life on earth.

Mahadev Ok

Mahadev OK is a Bhakti artist, certified Kundalini Yoga teacher who combines pop energy, vocals, guitar, drums and bass, with the power of peace mantras. Mahadev associates the experience of devotional yoga practice with songwriting background to deliver an original source of healing, dance and happiness.


Nathalie Bürki – Kanta

Since her childhood, spiritual issues have always been of great interest to her. At the age of 30 she discoverd Zen Buddhist meditation.


Clara Bizien

Clara has been practicing yoga and meditation for 10 years. She promotes yoga researchers around the world.



“Rupti” Treasurer of the Spirit Pop Community. Rupti is musician et esoterist.