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This is Parsaad !

Parsaad is a Gurmukhi Mantras music album, conceived on the edge of the Orleans forest in France with acoustic, electric and therapeutic instruments by the spirit pop artist Mahadev OK and his wife Ananda Kanta.

When Mahadev started doing yoga, mantras and meditation his career as a musician opens the doors to bhakti and naad yoga (sound and devotional yoga) and his experience of yoga, in return, infused his musical creativity with a new, more serene depth without moving away from his pop roots. 

The compositions of the album Parsaad enter into an original concept of pop songs, relaxing ballads and electro trance pieces that accompany the repetition of mantras (sound formulas) to develop the themes of infinity, serenity, peace and joy.

“Parsaad” is originally a Sanskrit word meaning “gift from God”.

And this is all about a gift here. A gift for our ears, eyes and hearts.


All tracks composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Mahadev OK

Mahadev OK : vocals and all instruments

Kanta : vocals

David Amsellem : violins (1-5-6)

Maa Tejomayee Devi : vocals (1-9)

Barak Kram : drums (3)

Ash Manning : electric guitars (4)

Sada Sat Kaur Khalsa : Vocals (5)

Rama Burki : vocals (7)

Pascal Clochard, Julie Ansiau, Sophie Carpentier, Alexandre Monier, Eva Peel : background vocals (10)

Thibaut Barbillon : slide guitar (12)

Antoine « Chab » Chabert : Mastering and Art director

Pascal Clochard : Computer Advisor

Julie Ansiau : Photo cover and design

Severine Durand : CD Cover design

Spirit Pop Community – Believe Digital – Kickstarter – HAR21 – France, 2021