Modern peace

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"This is a realy great Album of Kirtans!
A perfect soundtrack for the Gita!"
The Bhagavad Speaker *****
“I love those guys ! They know how to chant my name! I really fancy those tracks!”
Three eyed Great God *****
“This is one of my favourite kirtans album. Listen to Kali Durge! This is pure bhakti with a spirit pop touch!“
Kali Yuga Divine Mother *****

Mahadev OK’s new CD “Modern Peace” is an acoustic mix of bhajans, kirtans and mantras for peace.

It associates a folk energy, voices, guitars, piano, drum box with the strength of mantras in Sanskrit, which raise the vibrations. Recorded alongside his wife Kanta (vocals, Sruti box) in Utah, USA with the Spirit Pop Community, Mahadev delivers a beautiful Bhakti record, simple and spontaneous with ambiances of collective singing, lines of lyrical piano which form a joyous work, peaceful and colorful.

He innovates with “Modern Peace”, staging a large piano arpeggiated with Sanskrit choruses, a charismatic verse in English and speaks out to gods in French on the verses of “Om Ksham”. “Not a single Hatha Yoga class that I teach ends without singing kirtans and mantras,” says Mahadev, who has beenYoga teacher for many years. ‘’Music and Yoga are the pillars of a daily spiritual practice that brings inner peace and higher consciousness.” “Modern Peace ” is the perfect soundtrack for Sadhana! 

Namaste !

MODERN PEACE By Mahadev OK – Spirit Pop Community

Mahadev OK : vocals, guitar, piano

Kanta : vocals, Sruti Box

Lisanne Murphy : drums, vocals

Spirit Pop Choir USA : Amy Howton, Taylor Howton, Augustin Jan, Lily May, Lisanne Murphy,

Recorded and Mixed by Brian Zieske – Mastering by Chab

Rosewood Recordings Studio, Provo, Utah, USA

Photograph Cover : Virginie Zilberman